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Lager Yacht Brokerage Corp. handles yacht and ship sales and brokerage services nationally and internationally for a wide variety of new and pre-owned vessels. Our Long Island Sound location is perfectly situated in the heart of the U.S. East Coast's active marine market and is near the three international New York Metro airports.

Lager Yacht Brokerage has quality listings and qualified clients worldwide. We have sales associates in key maritime centers that assist us in a variety of services.

Knowledge, integrity and proven experience are qualities advantageous in your yacht or ship broker. We have 35 years of experience performing active yacht and ship sales, full marine services, custom yacht construction, project management, international grand prix yacht racing and offshore passage making and deliveries.

This broad background translates into our ability to offer our clients the best advice for vessel selection, valuation, condition, survey, insurance, transportation, refitting, documentation, contract preparation and analysis - all the ingredients important to a successful yacht or ship sale or purchase.

Our comprehensive marketing plans are tailored for each vessel we list for sale. This includes a combination of high quality media ads and the placement of highly detailed listing information on a variety of the best international marine brokerage multi-listing sites. Our listings and brokers are connected to thousands of active national and international yacht brokerage houses globally. Our clients also benefit from our extensive direct commercial and personal network of international yachting and marine contacts.

If your yacht or ship is for sale or you are looking to make a yacht or ship purchase, please call us. We would be glad to discuss your needs and requirements. Lager Yacht Brokerage can also assist with commercial ship charters.

We invite you to view our partial selection of yachts for sale. Please call us with any questions or requests you may have for detailed listing information, a vessel search or to speak to us about marketing your yacht or ship.

230' OFFSHORE PATROL VESSELThis is a new build 230’ Offshore Patrol Vessel built in 2012. It is a high quality vessel built to the highest specifications. The Vessel is DNV Ice Class. Accommodations are for 12 and there is ample room to increase that number. There is extended autonomy and long range capability. The vessel is fully equipped and in new condition with fully current certificates.... Read more

268' GEARED CARGO VESSELThis is a 268’ 3,010 ton DWT Geared Cargo Vessel. It has 4 derricks to handle cargo. The vessel has recently had fresh dry dock and special survey and is ready to operate. The vessel is well priced considering its fresh certificates.... Read more

108' CATAMARAN PASSENGER FERRYThis is a High Speed Catamaran Passenger Ferry built in the USA in 1999. It can carry up to 187 passengers (or more subject to operating location passenger weight regulations). Service speed is 30 knots and max speed is 34.5 knots with water jet propulsion. Classification is DNV. This is a well equipped vessel in fully operational condition certified for EU and Mediterranean waters. It is very wel... Read more

320' INCAT FAST ROPAX FERRY    USD 39,000,000
320' INCAT FAST ROPAX FERRYThis is a 320' state-of-the-art High Speed RoPax ferry built by Incat of Australia in 2006. Passenger capacity is 900 and vehicle capacity is 267 cars or 90 cars with 380 lane meters for trucks. The vessel is DNV Class, fully certified and fully operational. Service speed is 40 knots and max lightweight speed is 48 knots. The vessel has active ride control system for comfortable operation i... Read more

186' SUPPLY TUG    USD 1,350,000
186' SUPPLY TUGThis is a 186’ 1,049 ton DWT Multi-Purpose Supply Tug built in Holland in 1984. The vessel is Bureau Veritas Class. There is a large clear open deck, full towing, anti-pollution, FiFi and rescue equipment including 2 high speed rescue craft with special launch retrieval davit systems. There are plugs for refrigerated containers, 500 ton deck cargo capability and tanks and pumps for platform ... Read more

273' CRUISE SHIP    USD 6,500,000
273' CRUISE SHIPThis is a 273’ Cruise Ship built in 1984 in the USA. It carries up to 111 passengers in 51 cabins with outboard views. The vessel is currently undergoing a refit following a grounding. It is being sold with all mechanical and structural elements serviced and fully operational for certification. The vessel has recently undergone dry docking for repairs, service and re-conditioning for re-c... Read more

323' CARGO VESSEL    USD 3,400,000
323' CARGO VESSELThis is a 323’ 4,520 ton DWT Multi-Purpose General Cargo Vessel built in Holland in 1999. It can carry general or bulk cargo as well as up to 323 TEU containers. It has one large single hold with 2 large deck hatches. The vessel is in class and fully operational.... Read more

265' PLATFORM SUPPORT VESSELThis is a 265’ Platform Support Vessel built in Norway in 1983. It is DNV Class. It has large bow and stern thrusters and a huge clear aft deck space with a deck crane that can lift 1.5 tons at 8.5 m. The vessel can carry various platform drill liquids and large amounts of deck cargo. It is fully equipped and fully operational.... Read more

194' AHST with DP    USD 15,500,000
194' AHST with DPThis is a 194’ AHST built in China in 2012. It is BV Class and has 60 ton Bollard Pull, Dynamic Positioning and FiFi. It can carry 550 tons of deck cargo plus a variety of oil rig supply liquids. It accommodates 42. The vessel is fully equipped with anchor handling, safety, and navigation and communication equipment. Vessel is in near new condition.... Read more

131' Fishing Trawler    USD 275,000
131' Fishing TrawlerThis is a strong, rugged Dutch built longliner reefer fishing vessel. It is certified to work off the treacherous South African Coast. The vessel was rebuilt to its present configuration in 1997. It has a freezer hold capability of 350 cubic meters. The vessel is fully equipped and fully operational. Take advantage of this opportunity for purchasing a reasonably priced reefer fishing vessel. ... Read more

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