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Lager Maritime Brokerage handles yacht and ship sales and brokerage services nationally and internationally for a wide variety of new and pre-owned vessels. Our Long Island Sound location is perfectly situated in the heart of the U.S. East Coast's active marine market and is near the three international New York Metro airports.

Lager Maritime Brokerage has quality listings and qualified clients worldwide. We have sales associates in key maritime centers that assist us in a variety of services.

Knowledge, integrity and proven experience are qualities advantageous in your yacht or ship broker. We have 35 years of experience performing active yacht and ship sales, full marine services, custom yacht construction, project management, international grand prix yacht racing and offshore passage making and deliveries.

This broad background translates into our ability to offer our clients the best advice for vessel selection, valuation, condition, survey, insurance, transportation, refitting, documentation, contract preparation and analysis - all the ingredients important to a successful yacht or ship sale or purchase.

Our comprehensive marketing plans are tailored for each vessel we list for sale. This includes a combination of high quality media ads and the placement of highly detailed listing information on a variety of the best international marine brokerage multi-listing sites. Our listings and brokers are connected to thousands of active national and international yacht brokerage houses globally. Our clients also benefit from our extensive direct commercial and personal network of international yachting and marine contacts.

If your yacht or ship is for sale or you are looking to make a yacht or ship purchase, please call us. We would be glad to discuss your needs and requirements. Lager Yacht Brokerage can also assist with commercial ship charters.

We invite you to view our partial selection of yachts for sale. Please call us with any questions or requests you may have for detailed listing information, a vessel search or to speak to us about marketing your yacht or ship.

915' 2,400 PAX Cruise Ship    USD 110,000,000
915' 2,400 PAX Cruise ShipDESCRIPTION This is a modern 915’ Cruise Ship built in 1996 and rebuilt in 2017. There are 975 cabins for 1,992 to 2,400 passengers. Features include a full-service spa, six whirlpools, indoor and outdoor pools, outdoor jogging track, numerous of bars lounges and restaurants. Additionally there is a large Casino and show theater. The ship has large comfortable rooms, many balconies an... Read more

866' 2,074 Pax Cruise Ship    USD 130,000,000
866' 2,074 Pax Cruise ShipDESCRIPTION This an 866’ Luxury Cruise Ship built in 1996 with last major refit in 2016. It is smaller and more intimate then the newer behemoth cruise ships. The ship has 918 comfortable cabins for up to 2,074 passengers. The ship has full amenities including 7 bars and lounges, 7 restaurants, 2 pools, theater, spa, fitness center, jogging track, rock climbing wall and much more. Its 24... Read more

857 ft 2,257 PAX Cruise Ship    USD 79,000,000
857 ft 2,257 PAX Cruise ShipCOMMENTS This is an 857’ Cruise Ship built in 2000 in Italy. The ship was last refit in 2017. The ship carries up to 2,272 passengers in a variety of classes of comfortable staterooms. There are a wide choice of dining with many restaurants, cafes and bars. Entertainment includes lounges, dance clubs and theaters. There are numerous pools, a sports deck, spa and fitness center. The ship ... Read more

720' Luxury Cruise Ship    USD 39,000,000
720' Luxury Cruise ShipCOMMENTS This is a 720’ Luxury Cruise Ship built in 1996 in Italy. The ship had its last major refits between 2016 and 2021. There are 675 cabins with 1,350 lower berths and 1,650 upper and lower berths. There are 13 decks. The ship has a wide variety of dining venues, bars and lounges. Entertainment and amenities include a show lounge, casino, fitness center, spa, pool, sun decks, sh... Read more

718' Cruise Ship    USD 67,000,000
718'  Cruise ShipCOMMENTS This is a 718’ Cruise Ship built in 1993 by Fincantieri Shipyard in Italy. The ship has 629 guest cabins for 1,258 lower berths and 1,568 upper and lower berths. There are numerous bars, restaurants and lounges for all types of dining. Additional entertainment and amenities include 2 swimming pools, one that is covered, theater, casino, fitness center, spa, whirlpools, library, s... Read more

706' Luxury Cruise Ship    USD 24,000,000
706' Luxury Cruise ShipDESCRIPTION This is a luxury Cruise Ship built in 1982 in Finland. The ship had a massive refit and refurbishing in 2014/2015. It is a luxurious ship with full cruise ship amenities including restaurants, bars, lounges, pools, spa, gym, casino, theater and more. There are 724 guest cabins for up to 1,664 passengers. It carries up to 540 crew. There are 10 guest decks and 7 elevators. The s... Read more

690' Fast RoPax Night Ferry    EUR 68,000,000
690' Fast RoPax Night FerryThis is a 690’ modern Fast RoPax Night Ferry built in 2001 and refurbished most recently in 2016. It has very comfortable and stylish public areas including restaurants, bars, lounges, cinema, fitness center, spa, shops, swimming pool, disco, casino and much more. The ship has shops, arcade, children activity area, card room and much more. It can achieve 32 knots with a service speed of 2... Read more

665' Cruise Ship    USD 50,000,000
665' Cruise ShipCOMMENTS This is a 665’ Cruise Ship built in Germany in 2002. It was refit in 2014 and 2017. The ship has 1,266 lower berths and 1,582 upper and lower berths. The ship has full cruise ship amenities with numerous choices for dining, bars and lounges along with theater, pool, sports and fitness center, spa and much more. The ship has just come on the market and is well priced for a cruise... Read more

642' Cruise Ship    USD 22,000,000
642' Cruise ShipCOMMENTS This is a 642’ Cruise Ship built in Spain in 1993. It was lengthened and rebuilt in 2008. It is a beautifully furnished and well-laid-out. The ship has 485 guest cabins for up to 970 passengers. It features some truly elegant public rooms, many of which were given a facelift during a 2017 refit. During the 2017 dry dock, all cabins were outfitted with mini-fridges, new soft furnis... Read more

626' RoPax Ferry    USD 15,750,000
626' RoPax FerryCOMMENTS This is a 626’ RoPax Rail Ferry built in Germany in1988 and converted to RoRo in 1994. It has 67 cabins for 149 passengers. It has 1,700 lane meters. There is a stern ramp for loading and unloading vehicles. Service speed is 16.5 knots. The ship is operating and in class. Ship Type: Ro-Ro Passenger Ship Year Built: 1988/ Converted to Ro-Pax in 1994 Builder: ... Read more

623' 33,839 Ton DWT Geared Cargo Ship    USD 21,000,000
623' 33,839 Ton DWT  Geared Cargo Ship623’ GEARED CARGO SHIP COMMENTS This is a 623’ 33,839 DWT Geared Cargo Vessel built in 1999 in China. It can carry up to 1,802 TEU containers or general cargo in 9 holds and on deck. It has 3 deck cranes. The ship is CCS Coastal Class but can easily be changed to unlimited navigation. It is well priced in today’s hot market for geared container and cargo ships. GENERAL ... Read more

600' Cruise Ship    USD 20,000,000
600' Cruise ShipCOMMENTS This is a 600’ Cruise Ship built in 1994 in Japan. It has 230 guest cabins for up to 620 passengers. The ship has full amenities. Cruise speed is 18.5 knots and max speed is 21.5 knots. The ship is fully operational and in very good condition. Type: Passenger Cruise Ship Year Built: 1994 Refit: 2007 Builder: IHI Corporation, Japan LOA: 183 m/600 ft B... Read more

593' 920 Pax Cruise Ship    USD 46,000,000
593' 920 Pax Cruise ShipThis 593’ 24,430-ton, 920-passenger cruise ship is the fastest cruise ship in the world. Built in Germany at Blohm and Voss in 2000. By today’s standards it is moderate sized and elegant, perfect for a real intimate sea experience.. It has full luxury cruise ship amenities. Due to the vessel’s exceptional speed, passengers are going to enjoy longer port stays, securing more time... Read more

580' 1,800 Pax Cruise Ship    USD 46,000,000
580' 1,800 Pax Cruise ShipCOMMENTS This is a 580' Cruise Ship built in Finland in 2004. It is DNV-GL Class Super Ice 1A. There are 734 Guest Cabins for up to 1,800 passengers. The ship has full amenities. It has lovely modern styling. It is an "Eco Clean" design. Ship has current certificates. GENERAL INFORMATION Built: Aker Yard, Raumo, Finland Class: DNV+1A1, Passenger Ship Ice 1A, Finnish Ice Clas... Read more

575' RoRo/2,863 Lane Meters    USD 11,600,000
575' RoRo/2,863 Lane MetersCOMMENTS This is 575’ 11,000 DWT RoRo built in 1995. It has 1,875 lane meters for trucks and trailers and 988 lane meters for cars with 40 reefer plugs. There is a stern ramp and a side ramp. It can carry up to 51 driver/passengers in 14 x 4 man cabins. There is a bow and stern thruster for full maneuverability. The ship is RINA Class and is fully operational with current trading certif... Read more

553' 2200 PAX Night Ferry    USD 28,000,000
553' 2200 PAX Night FerryDescription This is a 553’ RoPax Night Ferry built in 1981. It was lengthened and rebuilt in 1986 and in 1999 rebuilt with more cabins from conversion of part of the car deck. In 2003 it was rebuilt with sponsons added for increased stability. The last refit was 2017. The ship carries 2,200 passengers and has 1,786 berths. It is fully operational and in service with current Class Certifi... Read more

542' Custom Cruise Ship    USD 34,000,000
542' Custom Cruise ShipThis is a modern, attractive, up-to-date and fully ocean capable cruise ship. It was originally built to the highest specifications and fitting out in Europe and was recently refit. It is Classed with current certificates and is fully operational. The vessel has all the comforts and amenities for 800 passengers expected and found aboard successful vessels in today's active cruise ship market,... Read more

531' Sailing Cruise Sjip    USD 118,000,000
531' Sailing Cruise SjipCOMMENTS This is an Ice Class 531’ Sailing Tall Cruise Ship built in Croatia in 2019. She is the largest sailing ship ever launched. Her design was based on France II, a famous French five-mast cargo windjammer built in 1911.This luxurious vessel can accommodate up to 324 passengers in superb luxury and comfort. With her ice class she can cruise anywhere in the including Arctic or Antarctic... Read more

525' Luxury Cruise Ship    USD 15,000,000
525' Luxury Cruise ShipDESCRIPTION This is a 525’ Luxury Cruise Ship built in 1992. Guest capacity is 1,400 with 480 guest staterooms of which 313 are exterior and 53 have balconies. The ship has full cruise amenities including restaurants, bars, lounges, theater, casino, swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa, fitness center, shops and more. It is well appointed and very comfortable with a big ship feel on a smaller mor... Read more

496' RoRo Cargo Ship    USD 5,500,000
496' RoRo Cargo ShipCOMMENTS This is a 496’ 8,616 ton Deadweight RoRo Vessel built in 1978 in Japan. It is INSB Class. There is a large stern ramp and an interior vehicle elevator. There are about 1,400 lane meters for trucks, containers and vehicles. The ship has a service speed of 15 knots. GENERAL INFORMATION Built: Hyundai Shipbuilding Co Ltd Year Built: 1977 Delivered: 1978 Type: R... Read more

485' RoPax Night Ferry    USD 8,500,000
485' RoPax Night FerryThis is 485’ RoPax Night Ferry built in 1979. It is fully operational and has current trading certificates. There are 296 cabins for up to 859 passengers and the ship can carry up to 2000 passengers. There are restaurants, bars, shops and lounge areas. The ship is well priced and available. SPECIFICATIONS Built: 1979 Country Built: Italcantieri, Italy Class: RINA Class Nota... Read more

485' RoPax Ferry    USD 10,500,000
485'  RoPax FerryThis is 485’ RoPax Night Ferry built in 1977. It is fully operational and has current trading certificates. There are 296 cabins for up to 859 passengers and the ship can carry up to 2000 passengers. There are restaurants, bars, shops and lounge areas. The ship is well priced and available. SPECIFICATIONS Built: 1979 Country Built: Italcantieri, Italy Class: RINA Class Nota... Read more

479' Subsea Dive Construction Ship    USD 160,000,000
479' Subsea Dive Construction Ship479’ Dive Support Vessel COMMENTS This is a 479’ Dive Support Subsea Construction Vessel. It was built in China and completed and finished sea-trials in 2019. The original buyer went bankrupt before completion, so the ship is available as a new build, unused except for se-trials. It has DP3, sophisticated Dive Support Systems, 3 moon pools, a 400-ton Offshore Knuckle Heave Compensa... Read more

459' Cruise Ship    USD 5,500,000
459' Cruise ShipThis is a 459’ classic cruise ship. It is a smaller and more maneuverable ship, with a maximum capacity of 412 passengers, and as such there is much to discover off the beaten path - many new destinations to visit, because the 459’ Cruise Ship can also stop at small, special ports due to its maneuverability and small size. There are two restaurants: a main restaurant and the buffet ... Read more

458' Expedition Cruise Ship    USD 10,750,000
458' Expedition Cruise ShipDESCRIPTION This is the perfect vessel for expedition cruising in Antarctic waters! Newly renovated in 2017 and with an international ice class rating of 1B, she is one of the strongest ships operating in Antarctica. Her high maneuverability, shallow draft and strong engines allow for extended voyages into isolated fjords, creating exciting adventures for any Antarctica or Polar traveler. The rec... Read more

438' Ice Class Container Ship    USD 6,900,000
438' Ice Class Container ShipCOMMENTS This is a 438’ 8,956 mt Deadweight Ice Class cellular Container Ship built in 2000 in Poland. It is GL Class and is ice strengthened. It carries up to 907 TEU containers. It has a service speed of 18.5 knots. It is currently trading and available at an attractive price. Yard Built: Stocz. Szczecin, Poland Class: GL Classed Class Note: Ice Strengthened E3 Class, ... Read more

435' Luxury Cruise Ship    EUR 29,000,000
435' Luxury Cruise ShipCOMMENTS Aboard the 435’ Cruise Ship, guests can expect to enjoy her unique character, reminiscent of an English Country Club as they relax in her sophisticated surroundings where polished wood and gleaming brass are complemented by works of art and fresh floral displays. A cruise aboard the 435’ is unique and you are assured to receive an unparalleled experience aboard an intimate-si... Read more

426' ROPAX NIGHT FERRY    USD 9,500,000
426' ROPAX NIGHT FERRYThis is a 426’ RoPax Night Ferry that can carry up to 300 cars and up to 1,400 passengers with 141 cabins. The ship is stabilized and has a service speed of 19.5 knots.... Read more

412' ROPAX FAST FERRY    USD 19,000,000
412' ROPAX FAST FERRYThis fast RoPax Ferry was designed and built by the premier shipyard of Spain in 1997. She was built to Det Norske Veritas Class DNV + 1A1 HSLC R1 Passenger Car Ferry A E). The vessel has high speed, deep-V hull form, all aluminum construction, and she is powered by conventional medium speed diesel engines. Notable features include: •Top speed of 42 knots; service speed of 38 knots &bu... Read more

404' RoPax Night Ferry    USD 5,500,000
404' RoPax Night FerryCOMMENTS This is a 404’ RoPax built in Belgium in 1974. It had its last major refit and upgrading in 2017. The ship is RINA Class. It can carry up to 1,680 passengers. There are 24 cabins with 68 berths. The ship has 2 Pielstick 9,000 HP diesel engines for a service speed of 20 knots. It can carry 250 cars or 180 cars and 20 Trailer Trucks. GENERAL DATA Type: Day-Passengers Roro Fe... Read more

7,455 mt DWT Geared Ice Class Cargo Ship     USD 9,400,000
7,455 mt DWT Geared Ice Class Cargo ShipCOMMENTS: This is a 7,455 mt DWT Geared Heavy Lift Ice Class Cargo Ship built in China in 2003. It is GL Ice Class and Strengthened for heavy cargos. There are 2 x 250 mt deck cranes combinable to 500 mt. The ship has a 601 TEU container capacity 5,820 cubic meters of bulk cargo. It has a service speed of 15.2 knots and a max speed of 17.0 knots. It is currently trading in SE Asia. Year Built... Read more

390' 4,350 mt DWT RORO Cargo Ship    USD 2,950,000
390' 4,350 mt DWT RORO Cargo ShipDESCRIPTION This is a 390’ 4,350 mt DWT RoRo Cargo Vessel built in 1978. It has 1,028 lane meters for trucks and 2,127 lane meters for cars. It has a stern ramp for loading and unloading. The ship is fully operational and in class. GENERAL INFORMATION Type: RoRo Cargo Vessel Year Built: 1978 Builder: Frederikshavn, Denmark Class: PHRS LOA: 118.73 m/390 ft ... Read more

360' MPP Icebreaking AHST     USD 185,000,000
360' MPP Icebreaking AHST360’ ICEBREAKING DP2 AHST This is a 360’ Ice Class DP2 AHST built in the USA in 2012. It is designed with icebreaking capability. The 4 large Caterpillar diesels produce 21,760 HP thrust and deliver a 200 mt Bollard Pull There is a helideck with full support functions for a SD2 size helicopter. The ship has FiFi, oil recovery, towing, and rescue/survivor capabilities. It also provi... Read more

349' Subsea Intervention Ship    USD 19,750,000
349' Subsea Intervention ShipType: Riserless light well intervention vessel Design: UT 737 L Yard: Søviknes Yard Year Built: Delivery: 2004 Class: 1A1 Ship-shaped Well intervention unit 1 DK(+) DYNPOS(AUTRO) E0 HELDK(S, H) HL(2.8) MAIN DUTIES Light well intervention services and associated work: - Construction work - Subsea installation wo... Read more

349' GEARED HEAVY LIFT RORO VESSELThis is a 349’ Ice Class Heavy Lift Geared RoRo Ship built in Germany in 1983. The ship is GL Class and can carry heavy equipment and cargo, up to 453 TEU containers and lash barges. There are 2 x 63 ton cranes combinable for 125 tons lift. This is a very capable multi-purpose vessel available for sale or charter.... Read more

345' Fast RoPax Ferry    USD 2,900,000
345' Fast RoPax FerryDESCRIPTION Type: Fast RO-PAX Car Ferry Hull Configuration: Monohull Type Class : RINA / SS Due Dec 2022 Built : 1996 Built By: Rodriquez, Pietra L, Italy Passengers: 761 persons Crew: 19 Garage : 230 cars Gross Tonnage: 3,560 Tons Net Tonnage: 1,068 Tons DWT: 373.265 Tons Draft: 2.334 m (Summer Extreme) LOA: 103.55 ... Read more

345' Fast Mono Ropax Ferry    USD 11,000,000
345' Fast Mono Ropax FerryThis is a 345' Fast Mono Ferry. It carries up to 761 passengers and up to 230 cars. It has a service speed of 34 knots and a max speed of 38 knots. It is in class and fully operational. It is an excellent value in the world ropax market. Owners are seeking serious offers. Type: Fast RO-PAX Car Ferry (Monohull Type) Class : RINA / SS Due Dec 2022 Built : 1996 Built By: ... Read more

345' Expedition Cruise Ship    USD 9,750,000
345' Expedition Cruise ShipThis is a 345’ Ice Class Polar Expedition Cruise Ship. It was built in 1972 as a RoPax Night Ferry and rebuilt as new in 2009 as polar expedition cruise ship. It is a spacious and well-designed and accommodates 134 passengers. On board, there are viewing platforms, a 360 degree Observation Deck, a bar and restaurant, five different standards of cabin (all en-suite) and a lounge big enoug... Read more

344' Geared Heavy Lift Ship    USD 2,850,000
344' Geared Heavy Lift ShipCOMMENTS This is a 344' 6,395 ton deadweight Geared Heavy Lift Vessel built in Spain in 1997. It carries up to 320 TEUs and up to 183,000 cbm grain. It has 2 x 60 ton deck cranes. The ship is NKK Ice Class. BUILT: 1997 YARD BUILT: FACTORIAS VULCANO, VIGO, SPAIN FLAG: INDONESIA CLASS: NKK ICE CLASS: E3 = FS IA DEADWEIGHT: 6,375 MT LDT: abt. 2.825 MT DRAF... Read more

339' Fast Mono RoPax Ferry    USD 11,000,000
339' Fast Mono RoPax FerryThis is a 339’ Fast Mono RoPax Ferry built in Italy in 1996. It can carry up to 762 Passengers and up to 113 cars. Service speed is 34 knots. It is in current IACS Class with active status. TYPE HIGH SPEED CAR FERRY (MONO HULL) FLAG: PANAMA CLASS: RINA BUILT: MAY 1, 1996 YARD BUILT: RODRIQUEZ SHIPYARD CO LTD., ITALY GRT: 3,560 TON NET: 1,068 TON LOA: ... Read more

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