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Lager Yacht Brokerage Corp. handles yacht and ship sales and brokerage services nationally and internationally for a wide variety of new and pre-owned vessels. Our Long Island Sound location is perfectly situated in the heart of the U.S. East Coast's active marine market and is near the three international New York Metro airports.

Lager Yacht Brokerage has quality listings and qualified clients worldwide. We have sales associates in key maritime centers that assist us in a variety of services.

Knowledge, integrity and proven experience are qualities advantageous in your yacht or ship broker. We have 35 years of experience performing active yacht and ship sales, full marine services, custom yacht construction, project management, international grand prix yacht racing and offshore passage making and deliveries.

This broad background translates into our ability to offer our clients the best advice for vessel selection, valuation, condition, survey, insurance, transportation, refitting, documentation, contract preparation and analysis - all the ingredients important to a successful yacht or ship sale or purchase.

Our comprehensive marketing plans are tailored for each vessel we list for sale. This includes a combination of high quality media ads and the placement of highly detailed listing information on a variety of the best international marine brokerage multi-listing sites. Our listings and brokers are connected to thousands of active national and international yacht brokerage houses globally. Our clients also benefit from our extensive direct commercial and personal network of international yachting and marine contacts.

If your yacht or ship is for sale or you are looking to make a yacht or ship purchase, please call us. We would be glad to discuss your needs and requirements. Lager Yacht Brokerage can also assist with commercial ship charters.

We invite you to view our partial selection of yachts for sale. Please call us with any questions or requests you may have for detailed listing information, a vessel search or to speak to us about marketing your yacht or ship.

798' 1770 Pax Cruise Ship    USD 29,000,000
798' 1770 Pax Cruise ShipDESCRIPTION This is a 798’ Cruise Ship originally built in 1986, it was lengthened and rebuilt as new in 1990. It has had ongoing refits and upgrades including 2010, 2012 and 2018. The ship has 767 cabins for up to 1,773 passengers, with 1,530 lower berths. The ship is very nicely appointed and has a wide offering of shipboard amenities lounges, casino, spas, 2 indoor pools and one poo... Read more

705' Cruise Ship    USD 24,000,000
705' Cruise ShipCOMMENTS This 705’ Cruise was built in 1984 with multiple refits and upgrades to keep it modern and updated. There are 631 cabins for 1,378 passengers. It was refurbished in 2012 with upgraded cabins and contemporary furnishings in all the public areas. In 2013, their premium coffee shop was launched and 20 additional balconies were added and 5 new Deluxe Balcony cabins were built. Enjoy ... Read more

685' 1878 Pax Cruise Ship    USD 76,000,000
685' 1878 Pax Cruise ShipThis is a 685’ Cruise Ship built in 1990. It is fully upgraded as it has had numerous refits including the latest in 2014 and 2016. It has 721 cabins and passenger capacity for 1,878 guests. It has full amenities to offer its guests a comfortable and enjoyable cruising experience. Although it is not small it is not one of the new giant cruise ships with multitudes of guests vying for faci... Read more

653' FAST RoRo Cargo Vessel    USD 23,000,000
653' FAST RoRo Cargo VesselThis is a 653’ Fast RoRo Vessel, cruises 30 knots. Recent modifications have made it super capable to carry large quantities of rolling and container cargo, and the addition of stern and side ramps have made it extremely efficient for loading and unloading. DESCRIPTION This vessel was built in December 1999 in Japan to extremely sophisticated standards leading to the Japanese shipbuild... Read more

620' Fast RoPax Ferry    USD 8,800,000
620' Fast RoPax FerryThis is a 620’ RoPax Ferry built in Japan in 1995. It is KR Class. It can carry up to 861 passengers. Vehicle capacity is 219 8’ Trucks plus 296 cars and up to 130 20 TEUs on chassis. Service speed is 20.0-21.5 knots and maximum speed is 26.5 knots. Ship is well priced for its age and capabilities. Built: 1995 Yard Built: Kanda Shipbuilding, Japan Flag: Korea Classi... Read more

610' RoPax Night Ferry    EUR 65,000,000
 COMMENTS This is a 610’ Fast RoPax Ferry was built in Italy in 2007. It carries 2,250 Lane Meters plus 195 cars. There are 126 passenger cabins for 480 passenger berths and there are 31 crew cabins. Service Speed is 24 knots. The ship is fully operational and in current RINA Class certification. The ship is in current Class certification and is actively trading. SPECIFICATIONS Typ... Read more

605' FAST ROPAX SHIP    USD 6,500,000
605' FAST ROPAX SHIPThis is a 605’ Fast RoPax ship built in 1985. It is NK Class. Deadweight capacity is 6,473 tons. It can carry 265 TEU containers on chassis and a large equivalent amount of trailer, trucks or cars on its multi decks. There is a large high-load starboard-side angled stern ramp for loading. Passenger capacity in a variety of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Class rooms is 350 passengers. Until December ... Read more

553' 2200 PAX Night Ferry    USD 24,000,000
553' 2200 PAX Night FerryDescription This is a 553’ RoPax Night Ferry built in 1981. It was lengthened and rebuilt in 1986 and in 1999 rebuilt with more cabins from conversion of part of the car deck. In 2003 it was rebuilt with sponsons added for increased stability. The last refit was 2017. The ship carries 2,200 passengers and has 1,786 berths. It is fully operational and in service with current Class Certifi... Read more

542' Custom Cruise Ship    USD 38,000,000
542' Custom Cruise ShipThis is a modern, attractive, up-to-date and fully ocean capable cruise ship. It was originally built to the highest specifications and fitting out in Europe and was recently refit. It is Classed with current certificates and is fully operational. The vessel has all the comforts and amenities for 800 passengers expected and found aboard successful vessels in today's active cruise ship market,... Read more

537' 950 Pax Cruise Ship    USD 15,000,000
537' 950 Pax Cruise ShipThis is a 537’ Cruise Ship built in 1977 and most recently refit in 2013. It is in excellent condition. It has 400 cabins for up to 950 passengers. There are full amenities including restaurants, lounges, spa, gym, 2 swimming pools and casino just to name a few. It is very attractively priced and represents one of the best value investments in the cruise markets for vessels of this size ... Read more

512' CRUISE SHIP    USD 8,500,000
512' CRUISE SHIPThis is a 512’ Cruise Ship built in Finland in 1975 with several subsequent major modifications and refits. The vessel is DNV Ice Class. The ship offers all the amenities and luxury of a modern cruise ship and comfortably accommodates up to 780 passengers in 255 cabins and suites of various sizes and configurations. Some of the features include 2 pools, casino, large restaurant, cinema, fitn... Read more

501' Classic Cruise Ship    USD 6,000,000
501' Classic Cruise ShipDESCRIPTION This is a beautiful 501’ Classic Cruise Ship built in Sweden in 1961 that that was fully rebuilt in 2013 with only light use after refit. Public spaces and accommodations were fully gutted and rebuilt as new. They are very stylish and beautifully appointed. Passengers can enjoy full cruise ship amenities including bars, lounges, restaurants, lounges, library, saunas, gym and a... Read more

485' RoPax Ferry    USD 8,000,000
485'  RoPax FerryThis is 485’ RoPax Night Ferry built in 1977. It is fully operational and has current trading certificates. There are 296 cabins for up to 859 passengers and the ship can carry up to 2000 passengers. There are restaurants, bars, shops and lounge areas. The ship is well priced and available. SPECIFICATIONS Built: 1979 Country Built: Italcantieri, Italy Class: RINA Class Nota... Read more

485' RoPax Night Ferry    USD 12,500,000
485' RoPax Night FerryThis is 485’ RoPax Night Ferry built in 1977. It is fully operational and has current trading certificates. There are 296 cabins for up to 859 passengers and the ship can carry up to 2000 passengers. There are restaurants, bars, shops and lounge areas. The ship is well priced and available. SPECIFICATIONS Built: 1979 Country Built: Italcantieri, Italy Class: RINA Class Nota... Read more

459' Cruise Ship    USD 6,000,000
459' Cruise ShipThis is a 459’ classic cruise ship. It is a smaller and more maneuverable ship, with a maximum capacity of 412 passengers, and as such there is much to discover off the beaten path - many new destinations to visit, because the 459’ Cruise Ship can also stop at small, special ports due to its maneuverability and small size. There are two restaurants: a main restaurant and the buffet ... Read more

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